The New Season

To survive, fashion magazines have embraced digital media and diversity Nicola Hamilton…

How Queer Is the Review?

A look at four decades of queer-issues coverage In the past 40…
A collage of screenshots of queer-centric publications like the Body Politic and Xtra magazine.

The Evolution of Queer Media

Queer media began small but unified. Now they’re more prolific, but some 2SLGBTQIA+ journalists say this risks losing the strength of a collective voice

Review of Journalism 2023 Diversity Report

The Review of Journalism strives to create a workplace and publication that reflects the diversity of both our readers and the stories we tell. Here’s how we stacked up in 2023.
An illustration of a smartphone with a person sitting with their knees tucked to their chest with a hand out indication stop

A Clear and Chilling Danger

What are the solutions to the dramatic rise in online violence against women reporters? Two prominent journalists speak up
"When I finally started having access to media, I was like, 'Holy, this is what people thing about us,' and I started believing that about my people. I started believing things that weren't true about my own people, and so you have to almost go back as an adult and heal those misunderstanding and understand where it actually came from." Kelsie Kilawna IndigiNews cultural editor, senior aunty and storyteller

Fractured Relationships

More work still needs to be done by journalists in Canada to accurately report on diverse communities
An illustrated collage of many faces of missing and murdered people

Missing, Murdered and the Media

Why journalists must cover Indigenous stories better
An illustration of a man's head, a woman's head, a boy's head, a girl's head and a dog's head in a house overlayed with rainbow stripes.

Stuck in the ‘50s

When mainstream media falls short, the 2SLGBTQIA+ community finds belonging on social media

The Word on the Street

From Cree to Dene to Inuktitut, journalists across Canada are contributing to a nation-wide effort to revitalize Indigenous languages.