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A Clear and Chilling Danger

What are the solutions to the dramatic rise in online violence against women reporters? Two prominent journalists speak up
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Total System Overhaul

Big tech companies can be as powerful as governments. But will major Canadian newspapers hold them accountable?
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Uphill Struggle

Fully informing people about the increasing dangers to a planet in peril is proving to be a Sisyphean task. How Journalists can rise to the challenge

The Word on the Street

From Cree to Dene to Inuktitut, journalists across Canada are contributing to a nation-wide effort to revitalize Indigenous languages.

Behind The Camera

On a frosty January morning this year, Tori Yorgey was reporting on water main breaks for WSAZ NewsChannel 3 in West Virginia, when she was hit by a car on live television. Yorgey was taken to a hospital to be checked out and suffered no lasting injuries, but the incident highlighted just how dangerous the job of a solo video journalist is.

Dos and Don’ts

Mike LaPointe darts back in from the cold, flexing his fingers to warm them up as he sits down to write. One hour inside, then back out to report some more. He pens just 100 words, then goes back to covering the story occupying the heart of Ottawa—the trucker protests.


Jesse Brown didn’t fight his shop’s unionization. The brash publisher of Canadaland, a leading digital podcast company, welcomed his staff’s effort to form a union in 2020, and took the same approach to hammering out their first contract, which was announced publicly by the union on January 20.

Review of Journalism 2022 Diversity Report

The Review of Journalism strives to create a workplace and publication that reflects the diversity of both our readers and the stories we tell. As a new measure in 2022, we have chosen to publish an anonymous breakdown of the race, gender, sexuality, and disability representation of our staff.