Part of the national post logo with a red picket sign with a fist in the air

Post Mortem

The inside story of how five racialized reporters’ anger over a Rex Murphy column led to the unionization of Canada’s most conservative national daily newspaper
A comic style illustration of a black man sitting at a laptop and then looking out the window to see two black police officers. He goes outside and has a conversation with the officers and appears to be assaulted before laying on the ground with the officers looking down on him.

COVID Crackdown

Pandemic measures in South Africa are impacting press freedoms and revealing a threatening relationship between the police and the press
"When I finally started having access to media, I was like, 'Holy, this is what people thing about us,' and I started believing that about my people. I started believing things that weren't true about my own people, and so you have to almost go back as an adult and heal those misunderstanding and understand where it actually came from." Kelsie Kilawna IndigiNews cultural editor, senior aunty and storyteller

Fractured Relationships

More work still needs to be done by journalists in Canada to accurately report on diverse communities
An illustration of a person sitting on a laptop with headphones on and numerous thumbs ups and thumbs downs floating above the person

Death of the Scathing Review?

How music journalists are shifting from critics to curators
An illustrated collage of many faces of missing and murdered people

Missing, Murdered and the Media

Why journalists must cover Indigenous stories better
Sihlouettes of a group of people standing at a barbed wired fence at sunset

Forced Out

Refugee coverage is too often incomplete, exclusionary, and stereotypical. The 80 million displaced people around the world deserve better
CBC logo with fire and smoke showing through the logo

CBC’s Palestine Exception

Behind-the-scene accounts from current and former CBC staff raise concerns about transparency, bias, and fear when pitching about the region
Pull Quotes Podcast

Annika Forman on pandemic J-school and the silver linings of virtual learning

In this special edition of Pull Quotes, guest podcast producer Annika Forman shares her experience conducting her master of journalism degree online and hears from others who went through a similar experience.
Three people including a chef standing in a cramped kitchen next to a stove

A Deeper Dish

Food journalists have failed to incorporate the culture behind each bite – but a few trailblazers are giving readers the full plate
Students walking on a dark college campus towards a lit building

Behind Campus Walls

Why it’s time to learn from student media when it comes to sexual assault coverage