Cuts at the Montreal Gazette, layoffs across Postmedia properties. Here’s what you need to know

An illustration of a man holding a box of things after being fired. He stands in front of a backdrop of a torn newspaper
Illustration by Madeline Hanitijo

This year, Postmedia (Canada’s largest newspaper chain) announced a series of cost-cutting measures that would result in widespread layoffs. Among the hardest hit was the Montreal Gazette, the country’s oldest newspaper. After some pushback, the layoffs were scaled back.

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Christin El-kholy is a journalist from Scarborough by way of Cairo who is interested in reporting on urban and social issues across borders and finding ways to help reclaim space for those who have been oppressed through policy choices and discourses of racial inferiority. She is currently a multimedia producer at New Lines magazine and obtaining a Master of Journalism at Toronto Metropolitan University. When Christin is not embarking on a dérive (probably in pursuit of a donut), you can find her praising the public library system. Follow Christin on Twitter @Chrysographer.

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