Annika Forman on pandemic J-school and the silver linings of virtual learning

In this special edition of Pull Quotes, guest podcast producer Annika Forman shares her experience conducting her master of journalism degree online and hears from others who went through a similar experience.

Inori Roy on labour reporting, sleuthing sources, and historical context

In the final episode of this season’s Pull Quotes, Gabe Oatley spoke to Inori Roy about her feature “Somebody is going to get hurt” published by The Local in September.

Emma Gilchrist on adoption and DNA testing

In the sixth episode of this season’s Pull Quotes, Emma Gilchrist spoke with co-host Rahaf Farawi about her feature Genetic Mapping, published in Maisonneuve. 

Alex Boyd on journalistic responsibilities when reporting abroad

In the fifth episode of this season’s Pull Quotes, we spoke with Toronto Star reporter Alex Boyd about her recent three-part digital series, “Fighting for a Shot,” looking at the global vaccine rollout for COVID-19 and how it left some countries behind.

Geoff Dembicki on cops infiltrating climate justice movements

In the fourth episode of this season’s Pull Quotes, investigative climate reporter Geoff Dembicki spoke with Gabe Oatley, the podcast’s editor and co-host, about his recent VICE story, How a married undercover cop having sex with activists killed a climate movement.

Adam Feibel on building a career in music journalism, Billy Talent and why punk’s still cool

For this week’s episode, Pull Quotes’ Guest Podcast Producer, Annika Forman, sat down with music journalist Adam Feibel to learn more about his Exclaim! Magazine feature Billy Talent Are More Relevant Than Ever along with his path to music feature writing and a fun story of how he interviewed the band.

Nicholas Hune-Brown on international students, vivid scenes and reporting from a distance

In season five, episode two, we take you behind the scenes of Nicholas Hune-Brown’s feature The Shadowy Business of International Education. In this episode, Hune-Brown talks to co-host Rahaf Farawi about what drew him to the story, how he gathered rich scene material over Zoom and how this became the longest story he’s ever worked on.

Richard Warnica on art fraud, fragments and anxiety

In the season opener of Pull Quotes, Toronto Star feature writer Richard Warnica joins Gabe Oatley, the podcast’s co-host, to discuss his recent feature Rothko at the Inauguration. This season’s podcast takes you behind the scenes of Canada’s top long-form stories. In this episode, Warnica talked about his half-decade long journey to write this story, his method for writing great scenes and vivid descriptions and how anxiety has affected his writing.