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Ad Nauseam

People now consume journalism from a variety of digital platforms, which means consuming a variety of ads from multiple venues. To combat overwhelming consumers, media companies have begun to diversify their advertising strategies.
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Marion LaVigne on the Future of Up Here

The ‘voice of Canada’s far North’ closed its Yellowknife offices last year. Its publisher discusses the future of print magazines with the Review.
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Jennifer McGuire on the Future of Xtra and Pink Triangle Press

The managing director of 2SLGBTQIA+ publisher discusses the future of journalism amid evolving online ecosystem.
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On Brand

It has become more urgent than ever for news providers to differentiate themselves in a crowded media market. A Q&A with Rick Lewchuk.

Headlines Roll

This year, Postmedia announced a series of cost-cutting measures that would result in widespread layoffs. Among the hardest hit was the Montreal Gazette, the country’s oldest newspaper.
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Local Journalism Needs A Boost

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed the deficit of local journalism in GTA communities. This is why it matters.
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Op-ed: The Case Against Unpaid Internships

Unpaid internships are commonly accepted practice in journalism, but these opportunities are only available to students with the privilege to work without pay.
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The Many Lives of The Canadian Jewish News

The CJN is in the midst of its second resurrection of the decade. With a shift in organizational structure style & focus it hopes for a stable and enduring future.
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TikTok Breaks the News

TikTok is used by many journalists, but the app has posed a challenge: how to balance online trends with news-related content that appeals to younger users.
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Instagram Versus Reality

Influencers share beautiful images, and users turn to their accounts for travel inspiration. But as audiences grow, these social media personalities are becoming more than just something on the explore page as they begin to encroach into the travel journalism industry.