Dear Journalist is a monthly podcast created by the masthead at the Review of Journalism, interviewing established Canadian journalists about lessons they were only able to learn in the field.


Hannah Mercanti interviews Kevin O’Keefe in the third episode of Dear Journalist, discussing with co-host Yezua Ho and Christina Apa afterwards.  

O’Keefe is the producer for W5, an investigative journalism series currently on its 58th season.

His work ranges from exploring the impact of natural disasters on 2SLGBTQIA+, investigating conversion therapy in Canada, and providing an in-depth look at how transitioning genders changes a person’s life. O’Keefe discusses the privileges journalists have in their role, while reinforcing that they don’t need to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their stories.

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A few of the stories O’Keefe refers to throughout the interview:

Hell to Pay – Part 1 (A young gay man in Haiti tries to committee suicide after the 2010 earthquake because Christian relief organizations make his life a living hell.)

Part 2 

A lot of the content is unlisted on YouTube but can be watched on his website

How religious organizations use conversion therapy to try to make LGBTQ people straight

About the author

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Hannah Mercanti is a fourth-year undergraduate arts and culture journalist based in Toronto. They are the host of All My Books on Met Radio and the Literary Editor at CanCulture Magazine. When they aren’t writing, you can find them drinking coffee and reading Margaret Atwood books.

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Christina Apa is a fourth-year journalism student at Toronto Metropolitan University. She is passionate about women’s issues, arts and culture, and technology journalism. She is currently an editorial intern at Postcall. When she’s not writing you can find her crocheting something she’ll never wear.

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