Portrait of John Vaillant.

A Conversation with John Vaillant

The Vancouver author of Fire Weather talks to the Review about our carbon awakening and his award-winning 2023 book, Fire Weather: The Making of the Beast.

Dear Journalist Episode 5: Us, You and the Review

In this final episode of Dear Journalist, the hosts are the ones giving their “pearls” of wisdom. We discuss our history with podcasting, our experience at the Review, why we chose to enroll in TMU’s journalism program, and some things we wish we heard before enrolling in the program.
Video game screen in which a person with long hair sits at a desk working on their podcast.

Why the Best Worst Depiction of Podcast Journalism Matters

The issue is that Spider-Man 2 fundamentally misunderstands what journalists do. The game’s writers undermine the journalist’s basic craft—telling stories or producing news—by either being vague about the reporting process or depicting something unbelievable.
The back of a police van

The Relationship Between Police and the Press

Toronto police spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in PR campaigns—some of…

Dear Journalist Episode 4: It Never Gets Easier

Yezua Ho interviews Ivor Shapiro in the fourth episode of Dear Journalist, discussing with co-host Hannah Mercanti and Christina Apa afterwards.
Robot holding a human who is on their computer and looking at the news.

Tame the AI Beast

From AI-written articles to falsified video content, there is an urgent need to evaluate the ethics of using simulated human intelligence.

Dear Journalist Episode 3: Learn How to Say No 

The words, "people in Canada cannot view this content" on a black background.

The Work-Around to Bill C-18’s Run-Around

In June 2023, the Canadian government passed Bill C-18, also known as the Online News Act. Modeled after a similar Australian law, it requires digital platforms with 20 million monthly users and an annual revenue of at least $1 billion, to pay media outlets for the content they share on their platforms.