Pull Quotes Season 4, Episode 6: End of a run

In the final episode of Season four, host Emma Jones talks to the [ ]RJ masthead to hear about their experiences producing a magazine during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pull Quotes Season 4, Episode 5: Should Canadian crime reporters start thinking beyond what they can print, to what they should?

Professors Maggie Jones Patterson and Romayne Smith Fullerton, co-authors of Murder in our Midst: Comparing Crime Coverage Ethics in an Age of Globalized News, join us to discuss regional approaches to crime reporting, and how they’re changing in the age of mass communication. We also discuss the recent sentencing decision in the trial of Toronto van-attacker Alek Minassian, and why it’s making waves in the Canadian journalism community. “Just focusing on this man’s name, does not equip the citizenry to make decisions, and help influence the people they elect to create policy.” – Romayne Smith Fullerton.

Pull Quotes Season 4, Episode 4: Photojournalists create a visual record of the human impact of industrial pollution

This episode we’re using our audio platform to discuss the power of photography in highlighting humanity’s role in the degradation of the natural world. Documentary photographer Ian Willms joins us to discuss a picture he took in 2019 in an indigenous community in northern Alberta called Fort Chipewyan. Ian took several trips to the area between 2010 and 2020 to document the environmental and human toll of oil sands pollution in the region. He provides insight into how he came to be in position to capture the photograph, and why it stands out among the thousands of images he’s captured during his career.

Pull Quotes, Season 4, Episode 3: Balancing Motherhood and Journalism

Tracee Herbaugh, daughter of first female AP journalist to be killed on assignment Sharon Herbaugh, talks balancing a writing career with motherhood.

Pull Quotes, Season 4, Episode 3: In conversation with Nora Loreto on how Long-Term Care Homes were affected by COVID

Host Emma Jones talks to Nora Loreto, activist, writer and podcaster, who has been compiling reports of COVID deaths in Canadian institutions

Pull Quotes, Season 4, Episode 1: In conversation with Brian Daly, the Atlantic director of the Canadian Association of Black Journalists

“Seeing us as our skin colour first and who we are as people second–or not at all–is the root of the problem. It’s called racism.”