The Outlandish World of Climate Disinformation

Climate misinformation pertains to unintentionally inaccurate or misleading content, whereas climate disinformation refers to the spread of intentionally deceptive information, both of which undermine the existence of climate change and climate action.
Sabina Dennis stands her ground as police dismantle the barricade to enforce the injunction filed by the Coastal Gaslink pipeline at the Gidimt’en checkpoint near Houston, B.C., on January 7, 2019. The pipeline company was given a permit but the Office of the Wet’suwet’en, which has jurisdiction over the territory in question, has never given consent Photo: Amber Bracken

Through an Indigenous Lens

How protest news frames Indigenous movements across Canada
Photo of a wildfire

Burnt Out

Wildfires, standoffs, and arrests: Inside the terrifying, underpaid lives of Canadian photojournalists
An aerial view of the wildfire threatening the Yellowknife area from August 17, 2023

Out of the Inferno

Yellowknife’s Cabin Radio went beyond the call of duty as the Northwest Territories faced its worst wildfire season in recorded history
An illustration of the greenbelt being cut in half with scissors

Seeing Green

How the Toronto Star’s I-team and The Narwhal broke the Greenbelt scandal…
Portrait of John Vaillant.

A Conversation with John Vaillant

The Vancouver author of Fire Weather talks to the Review about our carbon awakening and his award-winning 2023 book, Fire Weather: The Making of the Beast.

How Climate Change Is Changing Travel Writing

Climate change is putting travel journalists in a complicated situation.

The Planetary Press

From communicating complexity, to the risk of scaring audiences away, environmental journalists face no shortage of challenges.
“Broken Home.” A sea turtle rests its head on a plastic bottle on Tortuguero Beach, Costa Rica in 2006. Image by Neil Ever Osborne.

Can Photojournalism Help Save the Environment?

Cameras in hand, journalists and photographers are taking action to help the environment. Here’s how.