Pull Quotes Season 2, Episode 13: Is Coverage of the Alt-Right Alright?

A critical examination of how reporters in Canada cover a growing local movement.

Pull Quotes Season 2, Episode 12: What Needs to Change About Black History Month Coverage

Lidia and guest Kamille Coppin take a look at some of the writing that came out during Black History Month.

Pull Quotes Season 2, Episode 11: A Second Pull Quotes Valentine

Katherine Singh and Jordan Currie join Michal for an exploration of how women’s desire gets talked about in the media. Featured interviews with Laura Hensley of Global News and Jaime Green from the New York Times Review of Books.

Pull Quotes Season 2, Episode 10: Thoughts on the Obit Section (people are dying to get in there)

This week on Pull Quotes, we ask: how are papers rethinking the obituary section?

Pull Quotes Season 2, Episode 9: Where Would We Be Without Student Newspapers?

Journalists and editors from student newspapers across Ontario talk about the big-impact stories their papers broke.