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This week on Pull Quotes, we ask: how does women’s desire get talked about in the media? Around Valentine’s Day, sex and relationship content is top of mind for readers and for journalists. A lot of these stories can be told through the male gaze. We wanted to take a look at some of the stories told from a woman’s perspective.

Michal and Katherine also discuss Jill Abramson’s book “Merchants of Truth.” Vice journalist Michael Moynihan found passages from her book that appear to be lifted from other sources, including one passage from an RRJ story by Nicolle Weeks in 2005.

Pull Quotes is produced by Michal Stein and Lidia Abraha. Katherine Singh and Jordan Currie also produced this episode. Sonya Fatah is our Executive Producer. Thanks to Angela Glover and Lindsay Hanna for technical support.


Jaime Green is a freelance writer and editor. She writes a quarterly column for the New York Times Review of Books about romance novels.

Laura Hensley is a lifestyle reporter for Global News.

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