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For the final episode of season 2 of Pull Quotes, we bring in Jordana Goldman, Jordan Currie, Hannah Ziegler and Rhianna Jackson-Kelso to talk about their stories from the upcoming print issue from the Ryerson Review of Journalism. From access to the internet, to coverage of race, music criticism, and the increasingly fraught relationship between Doug Ford’s government and journalists, this year’s issue takes a wide look at the problems journalists are facing, and the solutions they’re coming up with to address them.

We’re launching the spring issue on April 17 at Oakham House — buy your tickets now!

The stories in today’s episode will be coming online in the next few months… keep your eyes out for:

Left Behind: The online news world is out of reach for far too many Canadians

Framing the Story: Who gets to report on race?

Yesterday’s Heroes: Inside the dwindling profession of the music critic

When They Push, We Push Back: How journalists are adapting to the age of Trump, Twitter, and fake news


Pull Quotes is produced by Lidia Abraha and Michal Stein. Thanks to Angela Glover and Lindsay Hanna for technical help. Sonya Fatah is our Executive Producer.

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