Pull Quotes Podcast

This week on Pull Quotes, we’re joined by three RRJ colleagues: Jordan Currie, copy editor; Linsey Raschkowan, chief of research; and Aurora Zboch, on the sales and sponsorship team, to talk about stories they wanted to bring to our attention. Linsey brought up some context for a story she wrote with Maddie Cornacchia about objectivity while writing about protests. Jordan Currie talked about an article about the impact of ‘Leaving Neverland’ and how these documentaries can change the way we talk about old allegations.  Aurora gave us some context about what’s going on in the world of MMA journalism. Lidia cited a tweet from Global News journalist Travis Dhanraj that called out MPP Lisa MacLeod for not speaking to journalists, and Michal brought in a tweet from Lindsay Robertson, a freelance writer in New York, that shed some light on the journalism angle of the college admissions scam that’s been all over the news this week.  

Pull Quotes is produced by Lidia Abraha and Michal Stein. Thanks to Angela Glover and Lindsay Hanna for technical help. Sonya Fatah is the executive producer of Pull Quotes.

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