Black and white photo of trees along a trail at night

The Long, Dark Trail

The history, mysteries, and ethics of true crime podcasts
Descriptive image of hand typing on a keyboard

Peace Pacts

How the growing trend of collaboration across newsrooms brings with it many benefits and the opportunity to blaze new journalistic trails
Your Plan B

What Is Your Plan B?

As gigs become increasingly scarce, emerging and experienced journalists are carving out new pathways
American Literary Journalist

The American Literary Journalist Who Had a Passion for Canada

The vivacious writer Edith Iglauer explained Canada to Americans and vice versa
Two women stand with surf boards

Deep Dive

How the two founders of The Narwhal are employing robust investigative journalism and stunning visuals to re-energize coverage of climate change
A movie theatre full of blue seat with one red seat standing out on the top left corner

Hidden Figures

Pulling back the curtain to find representation in film criticism
Descriptive image of soundwaves

Who’s Listening?

The growing privacy concerns around using transcription services like, Descript, and Trint
Editor of the Broadview magazine, Jocelyn Bell stands with her arms crossed facing the camera.

Keeping the Faith

The inside story of how The United Church Observer turned itself into Broadview, a re-invention to expand the publication’s audience and mission
A comic book graphic of two men walking across river, then being pulled aside by a National Guard, then being detained and questioned. The last strip shows the two men sitting in a jail cell with another man.

In Harm’s Way

Just how effective is hostile environment training at protecting journalists?

Full(ish) Disclosure

What drives the Post Millennial is not journalistic principle but the old-fashioned grab for money and influence