cover for Silas Le Blanc's podcast named The House Always Wins.

In this audio documentary, Silas Le Blanc investigates what gambling means for sports journalism and sports fans

cover for Silas Le Blanc's podcast named The House Always Wins.

Who does the legalization of sports betting serve? How does it change the way sports journalism operates? Silas Le Blanc, podcast editor at the Review, took on the task of exploring the ethics of sports betting advertisements in the journalism industry in a 24-minute audio documentary.


Host, editor and producer: Silas Le Blanc
Editorial assistance: Ben Waldman

About the author

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Silas Le Blanc is a second-year Master of Journalism student at Toronto Metropolitan University. She has previously worked as the Sports Editor and Managing Online Editor at The Varsity, and as an intern at Xtra, and at The Logic. She is currently the news coordinator at CJRU 1280AM, and does production for CBC’s Cross Country Checkup. In her spare time she listens to SOPHIE, Charli XCX, and Bladee.

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