Dayna Smockum

Managing Editor Print

Dayna Smockum is a second-year master’s student in j-school. Prior to pursuing her master of journalism, she completed her bachelor of arts in history at St. Francis Xavier University and her Master of Creative Writing at the University of Kent. Outside of work, Dayna likes to travel and spend time with her three-legged cat, Grace.

Twitter: @daynasmockum

Kristyn Landry

Production Editor Print

Kristyn is in her fourth year of the undergraduate journalism program at X University. She is also a copy editor for New Wave Magazine. Along with a minor in english and philosophy, she loves to write creatively and make use of photography in her work when she can.


Rinna Diamantakos

Senior Editor Print

Rinna Diamantakos is a second-year master of journalism student with an academic background in English and law. She spent her undergraduate career at the University of Toronto working on various campus publications, producing work ranging from news articles, cultural commentary and creative writing. She began her professional career as a freelance chase producer with CTV News Channel and has just begun a full-time position as a news writer. Aside from writing and editing, you can find her reading horror novels, watching true crime documentaries and shamelessly talking about K-pop.

Twitter: @riannadiaman

Lavanya Kathirgamanathan

Senior Editor Print

Lavanya Kathirgamanathan is a fourth-year journalism student at X University. She studied at Sheridan College for broadcast journalism and wrote for the Sheridan Sun for one year. Lavanya has a passion for food media and loves photography. If you don’t see Lavanya having something to eat every second of the day, please feel free to give her food.

Instagram: @lavakathir / @lavaeats

TikTok: @indecisivelava

Jenna Benchetrit

Managing Editor Online

Jenna Benchetrit is a Master of Journalism candidate at X University. She is a senior writer at CBC News and has published work with Exclaim! and La Presse. When not hunched over her laptop, she enjoys a good 70s thriller, trekking through Toronto’s ravine system, and FaceTiming her Montreal-based dog. When she uses the Oxford comma, she does so begrudgingly.

Twitter: @jennabenchetrit

Devon Harvey

Production Editor Online

Devon Harvey is in their final year of undergraduate study in the bachelor of journalism degree program, minoring in English at X University. They have spent time as a feature writer and graphic designer for CanCulture Magazine, and are currently working as a coordinator assistant with Experiential Learning at X University. They are looking forward to trading feature articles for research essays as they begin a master of arts in English in September 2022. Devon is a proud bookworm, tea enthusiast, and is never more than a few feet away from their trusty notebook and planner.

Twitter: @devontharvey

Ilesha K. Aulakh

Senior Editor Online

Ilesha K. Aulakh is in her final year at X University completing her bachelor of arts in journalism. A personal growth junkie, passionate about self-expression—you can finled Ilesha writing about mental health, self-care, feminism and culture on her personal blog. Her work can also be found on T Dot Community. In her spare time, Ilesha can be tracked down at an aesthetically pleasing café indulged in a good book. 

Twitter: @ileshaaulakh

Geena Mortfield

Chief of Research

Geena Mortfield is a master’s student at X University’s School of Journalism. Originally from Thunder Bay, she holds a bachelor of arts (Hons.) in political science from Lakehead University. She is currently part of the Climate Disaster Project, a national research project which works with climate disaster survivors to help them publicly share their stories while using trauma-informed interviewing and storytelling techniques. She also has a strong interest in covering prisons and the Canadian criminal justice system.

Twitter: @geena_mortfield

Yasmeen Aslam

Chief Copy Editor

Yasmeen Aslam is a fourth-year student completing her bachelor of journalism degree. She’s an aspiring magazine writer and has worked as an editorial intern at Today’s Parent. Her work has been published in New Wave Magazine, The Eyeopener, On the Record News, and Today’s Parent. She loves watching true crime documentaries and listening to ’80s music.

Instagram: @yasmeen.aslam

Lexia Khan

Fact Checker

Lexia is in her fourth year of the undergraduate journalism program at X University. Outside of school, she is also pursuing a career for a luxury fashion house. She also loves to read, play piano and take photographs with film cameras.

Instagram: @lexiakhan

Alexander Sowa

Copy Editor

Alexander Sowa is a journalist, student and poet. He’s finishing his fourth year in the journalism program at X University. Armed with a passion for television, games, and movies, he works as a features writer at Comic Book Resources. He enjoys superheroes, slam poetry, and any board game he can get hands on.

Twitter: @alexpaulsowa

Gabe Oatley

Managing Editor Podcast

Gabe Oatley is the co-host and editor of Pull Quotes, the Review of Journalism’s podcast. They’ve worked as an associate producer and intern with CBC’s The Fifth Estate and as a feature writer with Future of Good, a digital publication covering the charitable sector.

Twitter: @gabeoatley

Rahaf Farawi

Podcast Producer

Rahaf Farawi is the co-host and podcast producer of the Review of Journalism’s podcast, Pull Quotes. She is a second-year master of journalism candidate at X University and holds an undergraduate degree in Digital Enterprise Management from the University of Toronto. She is a committee member with the Toronto Palestine Film Festival and has worked as an assignment desk intern at Global News Toronto.

Twitter: @rfrwi

Annika Forman

Copy Editor + Guest Podcast Producer

Annika Forman is the Guest Podcast Producer and a copy editor at the Review of Journalism. She has volunteered at CIUT and CJRU radio stations. She has been published in The Eyeopener, X’s student newspaper. She has a passion for social justice and music which she hopes to bring to the Review.

Twitter: @forman_annika
Instagram: @annika_forman

Abeer Khan

Managing Editor Business Audience and Engagement

Abeer Khan is a journalist and editor based in Toronto who specializes in long-form journalism and audience engagement. She is currently in her fourth and final year of the journalism program at X University. She loves telling stories in creative and innovative ways. Her work can be found in The Eyeopener, the Toronto Star and The Dance Current. When Abeer’s not writing or frantically editing, you can find her listening to BTS or scrolling through TikTok.

Twitter: @uhhbeer

Andrew Oliphant

Deputy Editor Business + Guest Podcast Producer

Andrew Oliphant is a master of journalism candidate at X University. He interned at CityNews 680, edits the Infectious Info Podcast for the University of Toronto’s Infectious Disease Working Group, and has published work at This Magazine. He’s always on the lookout for new records and spends his days wondering why there aren’t any mountains in Toronto.
Twitter: @AndDrewOliphant

Gabby Cleveland

Social Media Editor

Gabby Cleveland is the social media editor for the Review of Journalism and a fourth-year journalism student. She interned with a Toronto-based business communications company and has had her feature stories published through T Dot CommunityThe Sarah Burke Foundation and Sights & Sounds Media. She loves going to country music concerts and exploring Alberta.
Twitter: @gabby_cleveland
Instagram: @gabbycleveland

Katelyn Curtis

Visuals Editor

Katelyn Curtis is a journalist and artist based in Toronto. She holds a certificate from Sheridan College in broadcast journalism and is currently a fourth-year student completing her bachelor of journalism. Her work can be found in the Sheridan Sun and in the Fall 2020 issue of Youth Mind.
Twitter: @_katelyn_curtis
Instagram: @_katelyn_curtis / @_kats_artpage

Kemone Moodley

Graphic Designer + Copy Editor

Kemone Moodley is a journalist, illustrator, and graphic designer based in Toronto. A second-year master of journalism student, she enjoys telling stories in a way that combines her love of narrative with her love of art. Her work can be found in The Cascade, and in Opera Canada Magazine. Twitter: @KemoneMoodley

Laila Amer

Visuals Editor

Laila is a designer and illustrator with an interest in fashion and travel writing. A fourth-year journalism student, she’s currently based in Toronto, but you will find her travelling around the world taking photos and talking to the locals. As a photo editor at The Eyeopener, she’s created multiple covers and illustrations, and is working on many more exciting new projects.

Twitter: @ohlalailaa

Instagram: @ohlalaila

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