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Good as Newsletter

Amid the instability of social media, email newsletters are back and booming…

See No Innocence

Wrongful conviction reporting used to be a staple beat for papers. Now…
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Game Changers

Canadian gaming journalism remains sparse despite the best efforts of key players in newsrooms
An illustration of a reporter and a cameraman beside a bus stop with rom-com movie posters.

Love at First Watch

The late 1990s and early 2000s produced numerous movies in which the female lead was a journalist. Two of the most prominent were 13 Going on 30, starring Jennifer Garner, and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, starring Kate Hudson. Both films portrayed the main character spending more time falling in love than meeting deadlines—probably not the best recipe for success in journalism.

Falling short, staying long

While cute animal antics seduce more eyeballs, the long narrative still has a few fans

Poor Things

Freelance rates haven’t risen since the 1980s. Meet the journalists who haven’t…
Photo of a wildfire

Burnt Out

Wildfires, standoffs, and arrests: Inside the terrifying, underpaid lives of Canadian photojournalists

The Review Demands

That surly dictum has another meaning, too: Yes, students are entrusted with “the watchdogs on the watchdogs,” but the watchdogs we’re reporting on are also keenly watching us, too.
A trans flag.

Canadian Media Must Step Up to Cover This Moment for Trans People

Canada is in the midst of a gender moral panic. Meanwhile, openly trans journalists are few and far between.
A collage of screenshots of queer-centric publications like the Body Politic and Xtra magazine.

The Evolution of Queer Media

Queer media began small but unified. Now they’re more prolific, but some 2SLGBTQIA+ journalists say this risks losing the strength of a collective voice