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Pandemic Gains

How three student publications managed to adapt during a pandemic. The pandemic…
“Broken Home.” A sea turtle rests its head on a plastic bottle on Tortuguero Beach, Costa Rica in 2006. Image by Neil Ever Osborne.

Can Photojournalism Help Save the Environment?

Cameras in hand, journalists and photographers are taking action to help the environment. Here’s how.
good news

In Defence of Good News

The experience of living through a pandemic is drawing audiences away from hard news and towards good news stories and solutions journalism.
Making the Worlds oldest energy bar by Andrew North, a sketch drawing with a pot and hand stirring.

The Freedom of Graphic Journalism

How merging art and journalism can provide opportunities for storytelling found nowhere else in the field

Not From Concentrate

The struggles and triumphs of journalists who live with ADHD

Coverage in a Dangerous Time

How Canadian photojournalists are documenting the COVID-19 pandemic from a distance

The Out-of-Office Finale: Pull Quotes Season 3, Episode 11

Hosts Ashley Fraser and Tanja Saric celebrate the launch of the print issue of the Ryerson Review of Journalism from their home closets.

The Threat of “Deep Fake” Text Generation: Pull Quotes Series 3, Episode 10

We fed an advanced text generator numerous RRJ articles to see if it could mirror the collective voice of our magazine.

Exploring Innovative Journalism Practices: Pull Quotes, Series 3, Episode 9

In season three, episode nine of Pull Quotes, the team examines live journalism and virtual reality.

This Publisher Launched a Contest to Give Her Newspaper Away For $1

How one Saskatchewan paper refused to fold in a shrinking media landscape