Remembering Shireen Abu Akleh

Iman Adem pays tribute to Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh one year after she was killed by the Israel Defense Forces

Headlines Roll

This year, Postmedia announced a series of cost-cutting measures that would result in widespread layoffs. Among the hardest hit was the Montreal Gazette, the country’s oldest newspaper.

Reporter’s Pride

It’s important to celebrate journalistic wins! Sofia Ariza asked three journalists about their proudest pieces.

Our ‘Messy and Complex World’

Lack of mental health discussion and expertise means newsrooms are home to stressed-out, burned-out and overworked staff

Bylines on the Big Screen

Three young journalists describe how journalism movies influenced them—and how they compare to the realities of work today

Proudly Local, Proudly Independent

As many Canadian newsrooms close, small community publications like The Kingstonist are more important than ever

The Art of Law

Courtroom illustrators like Bill Robles have long been one of the only glimpses into courtroom proceedings, documenting what journalists can’t.

Pull Quotes Season 6 Episode 6: Iman Adem on the conundrums of photojournalism

Tara De Boer talks with Iman Adem about the ethics of photojournalism and exploitation of the subjects of photographs in today’s media environment


A former Review journalist remembers Stephen Trumper as a mentor, guide, teacher and journalist