An illustration of two people with a tangled line coming from one person's mouth and going into the other person's ear

Once a Journalist, Always a Journalist

Three pros share how the profession has defined them The ground floor…
An illustration of a monster-like creature with social media logos on it being interviewed by a journalist

Where the Wild Things Are

The challenges facing journalism on TikTok Ginella Massa is talking to strangers…
An aerial view of the wildfire threatening the Yellowknife area from August 17, 2023

Out of the Inferno

Yellowknife’s Cabin Radio went beyond the call of duty as the Northwest Territories faced its worst wildfire season in recorded history

The Review Demands

That surly dictum has another meaning, too: Yes, students are entrusted with “the watchdogs on the watchdogs,” but the watchdogs we’re reporting on are also keenly watching us, too.
A trans flag.

Canadian Media Must Step Up to Cover This Moment for Trans People

Canada is in the midst of a gender moral panic. Meanwhile, openly trans journalists are few and far between.
A road sign that says Welcome to Whistler "The Podcast" with a cloudy sky in the background

Bad News

How municipal governments are producing podcasts to tell a one-sided story
map of GTA with local news closures indicated

Local Journalism Needs A Boost

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed the deficit of local journalism in GTA communities. This is why it matters.

Pull Quotes Season 3, Episode 2: How Media Professionals Adapt to Challenging Misinformation

In season three, episode two of Pull Quotes the team examines the current landscape of fake news.

Pull Quotes Season 3, Episode 1: How Has the Loss of Local Media Impacted Coverage of the Federal Election?

In season three, episode 1 of Pull Quotes, the team examines the decline of local news journalism following the Canadian federal election. Pull Quotes sits down with local news reporter, Erika Engle and principle investigator from the Local News Initiative, April Lindgren to find out more.