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Ad Nauseam

People now consume journalism from a variety of digital platforms, which means consuming a variety of ads from multiple venues. To combat overwhelming consumers, media companies have begun to diversify their advertising strategies.
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Good as Newsletter

Amid the instability of social media, email newsletters are back and booming…
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System Failure

Accessing government information in Canada is notoriously slow, often serving as more of a hindrance than a help for journalists. But The Globe and Mail’s Secret Canada project might be able to change that by providing a database of requests available to all.
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It isn’t 1983 anymore—it’s time to move on from Microsoft Word We’ve…
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Anything You Can Do, AI Can(‘t) Do Better

ChatGPT can write opinions and advice—just not very well If you’ve been…

Falling short, staying long

While cute animal antics seduce more eyeballs, the long narrative still has a few fans
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Where the Wild Things Are

The challenges facing journalism on TikTok Ginella Massa is talking to strangers…
Pull Quotes: The Review of Journalism Podcast

Pull Quotes, Season 4, Episode 3: In conversation with Nora Loreto on how Long-Term Care Homes were affected by COVID

Host Emma Jones talks to Nora Loreto, activist, writer and podcaster, who has been compiling reports of COVID deaths in Canadian institutions
Pull Quotes: The Review of Journalism Podcast

Pull Quotes, Season 4, Episode 1: In conversation with Brian Daly, the Atlantic director of the Canadian Association of Black Journalists

“Seeing us as our skin colour first and who we are as people second–or not at all–is the root of the problem. It’s called racism.”

The Out-of-Office Finale: Pull Quotes Season 3, Episode 11

Hosts Ashley Fraser and Tanja Saric celebrate the launch of the print issue of the Ryerson Review of Journalism from their home closets.