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Aloysius Wong is a multimedia journalist who is passionate about telling stories that build empathy and solidarity between people and communities of diverse backgrounds. He has previously worked as an associate producer for As It Happens, photojournalist and community producer for The Green Line, and contributor for CityNews, America Magazine, and J-Source. He can often be found looking up tech issues on online forums and watching bloated video essays on YouTube.
Anthony Milton is a Master of Journalism student at Toronto Metropolitan University. Before entering journalism, he worked as a consultant in the electricity and climate space. He’s interested in longform writing and data journalism, about culture and politics. You can find his words in Toronto Life magazine, and his tweets at @C_AnthonyMilton.
Asha Swann is a multimedia journalist based in Toronto who writes about identity, climate change and culture. Her work has been featured in Xtra, The Nature Conservancy of Canada, STYLE Canada, Indie88, NUVO Magazine, Brightly and more. When she isn’t writing, she’s listening to ‘90s music and drinking coffee. You can read more of her work at
Carly Penrose is a second-year Master of Journalism student at Toronto Metropolitan University. She is from Halifax, Nova Scotia and did her undergraduate degree in psychology at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick. Carly likes to understand how and why people think and act the way they do. She has bylines in the National Post, and THIS Magazine, and currently works with Pagemasters North America. She loves animals, comedy and long walks with podcasts.
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Christin El-kholy is a journalist from Scarborough by way of Cairo who is interested in reporting on urban and social issues across borders and finding ways to help reclaim space for those who have been oppressed through policy choices and discourses of racial inferiority. She is currently a multimedia producer at New Lines magazine and obtaining a Master of Journalism at Toronto Metropolitan University. When Christin is not embarking on a dérive (probably in pursuit of a donut), you can find her praising the public library system. Follow Christin on Twitter @Chrysographer.
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Daysha Loppie is a fourth year undergraduate student in the journalism program at Toronto Metropolitan University. Her work has been published by the Toronto Star, West End Phoenix, ByBlacks and The Local. She’s interested in long-form feature writing and primarily covers Black communities, social justice, business, arts and culture.
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Domenic is an MJ student at TMU. He has contributed to The Economist and Sportsnet – mending his passion for International and Sports journalism. His interest and experience in the topic of Transitional Justice and truth throughout the Global South has crafted his global outlook about different cultures, and has fuelled his desire to tell compelling stories from around the world.
Emily Clare Elliott is a second-year Master of Journalism student at Toronto Metropolitan University. She completed her undergraduate degree in Global Development Studies at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. For her professional internship, she worked at Kingstonist News and had an incredible time reporting on and connecting with her community. She is currently the Chief Copy Editor for The Otter. As well as Taylor Swift, she also loves her cats, who have a TikTok page you can follow @skunklovesham. You can also follow her personal social media @eemily74 on Instagram.
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Hannah Mercanti is a fourth-year undergraduate arts and culture journalist based in Toronto. They are the host of All My Books on Met Radio and the Literary Editor at CanCulture Magazine. When they aren’t writing, you can find them drinking coffee and reading Margaret Atwood books.
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Helin Turk is a fourth-year journalism student at Toronto Metropolitan University. She is from Türkiye and is interested in learning languages and international and investigative stories. She speaks Turkish, English, and Spanish. She loves traveling, outdoor activities, and dancing. She interned at Gazete Oksijen, Istanbul, and Maclean’s “They Were Loved” obituary project.
Hyeji Yoon is a fourth-year undergraduate journalism student at Toronto Metropolitan University. As a writer, she exhibits a lot of flexibility in the topics she is passionate about—which can range from as broad a scope as international human rights to as small-scale as her neighbourhood’s annual bake sale. She hopes to expand her limits even further by developing a skillset suited to tackle the ever-growing newssphere in the digital world. You can often catch her during short breaks poring over books on her phone because she doesn’t want the physical copies getting dirty.
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Iman is a fourth-year journalism student at Toronto Metropolitan University. She is a writer who has a deep interest in stories from the Global South. In her free time, she enjoys reading and watching movies. She loves to explore new stories and understand different perspectives.
Julia Tramontin is a fourth-year journalism undergraduate at Toronto Metropolitan University. She is passionate about women’s issues and mental health, firmly believing that storytelling can be transformative. Her writing has been featured in publications like Her Campus. When she’s not editing, she can be found reading or hanging out with her dogs.
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Lauryn Kovacs is a fourth-year undergraduate journalism student at Toronto Metropolitan University. Her interests include singing, songwriting and making illustrations. When she is not writing she is napping whenever possible.
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Leslie Sinclair is a Toronto-based journalist whose primary beats are subculture, the public realm and religion. Passionate about solutions journalism and restorative narrative, Leslie likes to explore themes of identity, social and political action, and everyday life. Her work has appeared in outlets such as Broadview, West End Phoenix, Philanthropist Journal, Spacing and the Globe & Mail. Outside of journalism, you can find her writing memoir or pursuing arts and crafts.
Lidia is a second-year MJ student. She has interned at TVO, producing weekly segments for The Agenda with Steve Paikin. She is the Copy Editor for The Otter. She has a keen interest in unraveling socio-economic and systemic issues, and bringing a voice to those often underrepresented.
Maddy Mahoney is a second-year Master of Journalism student at Toronto Metropolitan University. She is a freelance journalist whose work can be found at Xtra Magazine, Toronto Life, CBC Arts, and others. She was formerly an Editorial Intern at Maisonneuve magazine and the Web Editor for CJRU 1280AM. She’s interested in long-form features, queer storytelling, subcultures, and weird internet trends.
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Mark Henick is the bestselling author of So-Called Normal: A Memoir of Family, Depression and Resilience (HarperCollins, 2021). His hundreds of television appearances have included CTV, Global, CBC, ABC, NBC and CBS. His bylines have included CNN, CNBC, USA Today, and The Chicago Tribune, among many more. PEOPLE Magazine called Mark “one of Canada’s most prominent mental health advocates.” He is currently the nationally syndicated mental health columnist for CBC Radio, appearing on more than two dozen stations across Canada each week.
Megan Camlasaran is a fourth-year undergraduate journalism student at Toronto Metropolitan University. She has worked as a freelance reporter for The Bridge News, a local Toronto newspaper, was a writer for a start-up magazine Posséder and is currently an intern with Lead Podcasting. She is passionate about building community understanding through written and audio works that centre on diversity and mental health issues. You can also always find her outside on a sunny day, probably hiking, reading or searching for a new plant to bring home.
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Prarthana is a second-year Master of Journalism student at TMU. She’s an assistant reporter at the Investigative Journalism Bureau and a producer for Beyond the U podcast series at Toronto Met Radio. She additionally has work published in Maclean’s, Broadview, and other publications. She is passionate about sharing socio-political stories about displaced and vulnerable communities on a global scale.
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Rachel DeGasperis is a second-year Master of Journalism student at Toronto Metropolitan University. She has worked as an associate producer at CBC’s Cross Country Checkup, and helps produce On the Frontlines of Democracy, an upcoming TMU podcast. She is also the co-editor of The Otter and the research assistant for TMU’s Journalism Research Centre. Previously, she has interned at The Big Story. She loves anything and everything produced by Alice Munro, Nina Simone, and Mary Pratt.
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Sahaana Ranganathan is a second-year Master of Journalism student at Toronto Metropolitan University. She’s produced segments for TVO’s the Agenda with Steve Paikin, does research for the Investigative Journalism Bureau and is the Art Director for The Otter. She’s passionate about combining arts, culture with social justice.
Saman is in her final year of the Master of Journalism program. She is a research assistant at TMU’s Journalism Research Centre, founder and producer of a Met Radio show, and Digital Editor & Social Media coordinator for The Otter. She has a background in communications and an interest in promoting media literacy.
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Silas Le Blanc is a second-year Master of Journalism student at Toronto Metropolitan University. She has previously worked as the Sports Editor and Managing Online Editor at The Varsity, and as an intern at Xtra, and at The Logic. She is currently the news coordinator at CJRU 1280AM, and does production for CBC’s Cross Country Checkup. In her spare time she listens to SOPHIE, Charli XCX, and Bladee.
Sofia Ariza (she/her) is a fourth year journalism student at TMU.
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Sophia de Guzman is a fourth-year journalism student at Toronto Metropolitan University, but she has roots in California and British Columbia. Sophia hopes to approach her interests in business, technology, and labour with a social justice lens. Sophia currently works at the CJRU as a show coordinator and producer, alongside interning at Ricochet Media. In her off time, she likes to hang out with her dog and is an avid NPR enthusiast.
Stephanie is in her fourth-year of TMU’s undergraduate journalism program and has an immense love for long-form magazine stories! She’s also the features editor for TMU’s independent student newspaper, The Eyeopener, and the co-editor-in-chief of New Wave Magazine. She’s immensely grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Review’s 2022-23 masthead and is excited to continue working in the journalism and magazine industry after she graduates!
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Tara De Boer is a second-year Master of Journalism student at Toronto Metropolitan University. She holds a BA of Honours Arts and Business from the University of Waterloo, with a major in Speech Communication. Tara is a writer for and has bylines in Maclean’s digital magazine and Toronto Life with a special focus in culture, sports, entertainment and health. Prior to this, she interned as an associate producer for CBC News Network where she chased breaking news stories and co-produced live television news segments.
Tim Cooke is a second-year Master of Journalism student at Toronto Metropolitan University. He did his bachelor’s in History and Classics at the University of Toronto. He loves journalism that explores the historical background of current affairs. Last summer, he interned at documentary film production company Primitive Entertainment, working as a production intern on TVO Original Viral News and helping to research a forthcoming project. He hopes to work in documentary film and audio.