Video game screen in which a person with long hair sits at a desk working on their podcast.

Why the Best Worst Depiction of Podcast Journalism Matters

The issue is that Spider-Man 2 fundamentally misunderstands what journalists do. The game’s writers undermine the journalist’s basic craft—telling stories or producing news—by either being vague about the reporting process or depicting something unbelievable.
Robot holding a human who is on their computer and looking at the news.

Tame the AI Beast

From AI-written articles to falsified video content, there is an urgent need to evaluate the ethics of using simulated human intelligence.
The words, "people in Canada cannot view this content" on a black background.

The Work-Around to Bill C-18’s Run-Around

In June 2023, the Canadian government passed Bill C-18, also known as the Online News Act. Modeled after a similar Australian law, it requires digital platforms with 20 million monthly users and an annual revenue of at least $1 billion, to pay media outlets for the content they share on their platforms.
Woman stands on a stage, holding a microphone, and performs to the audience.

Journalism Comes to Life on Stage

Live journalism is the process of taking works of journalism and bringing them to life through live performance.