The back of a police van

The Relationship Between Police and the Press

Toronto police spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in PR campaigns—some of…
A photo of two copies of the UNHCR's journalism guide.

Reporting on Refugees, Asylum and Forced Displacement

The Review of Journalism hosted an education session presented by journalist Levon Sevunts, the communications officer for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR). The session focused on ethics and accuracy when reporting on refugees, asylum and forced displacement.
The words, "people in Canada cannot view this content" on a black background.

The Work-Around to Bill C-18’s Run-Around

In June 2023, the Canadian government passed Bill C-18, also known as the Online News Act. Modeled after a similar Australian law, it requires digital platforms with 20 million monthly users and an annual revenue of at least $1 billion, to pay media outlets for the content they share on their platforms.

CBC featured more Israelis even as Palestinian casualties rose, data shows

CBC’s flagship broadcast continued to feature more Israelis than Palestinians even as the death toll in Gaza mounted. It also failed to identify by name more than a quarter of Palestinians and their allies

Putting Calls for Racial Diversity in Canadian Media into Action: Pull Quotes Season 3, Episode 8

In season three, episode eight of Pull Quotes, the team examines diversity in Canadian media.

Covering disasters beyond the eye of the storm: Pull Quotes Season 3, Episode 7

In season three, episode seven of Pull Quotes, the team examines how journalists cover disasters.

The Decade in Review: Stories that Caught our Attention in the 2010s + Pull Quotes: Season 3, Episode 6

A look back at Canadian journalism’s public service reporting this decade.