A woman with white hair in a jacket sitting in an office.

Marion LaVigne on the Future of Up Here

The ‘voice of Canada’s far North’ closed its Yellowknife offices last year. Its publisher discusses the future of print magazines with the Review.
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Jennifer McGuire on the Future of Xtra and Pink Triangle Press

The managing director of 2SLGBTQIA+ publisher discusses the future of journalism amid evolving online ecosystem.

Forty Years on the Watch

This year’s annual edition is not only home to hard-hitting, big-picture pieces like the Gaza cover story. It also discusses one of the timeliest issues of the year: the climate crisis.
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Mentors: 40 Years of Instructors

The Review’s four longest-serving instructors reflect on how the magazine has adapted and evolved in the last four decades, from 1984 to 2024.

The Review Demands

That surly dictum has another meaning, too: Yes, students are entrusted with “the watchdogs on the watchdogs,” but the watchdogs we’re reporting on are also keenly watching us, too.
A trans flag.

Canadian Media Must Step Up to Cover This Moment for Trans People

Canada is in the midst of a gender moral panic. Meanwhile, openly trans journalists are few and far between.